Jean Stawiaski 


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Welcome !

I am an engineer in Electronics and Computer Science and I received my PhD in Mathematical Morphology in 2008. I am working within Philips HealthCare since 2009.
My research interests are focused on medical imaging, mathematical morphology and combinatorial optimization. 


                                My PhD Thesis

Mathematical Morphology and Graphs: Application to Interactive Medical Image Segmentation. (Click to Download)

I have been working for 3 years on the interactive segmentation of 3D medical images. My work has been supervised by Prof. Dominique Jeulin and Etienne Decencière. I have developped innovative segmentation tools based on Mathematical Morphology and graph theory. My work was tested at Institut Gustave Roussy for Radiotherapy planning under the supervision of François Bidault. 

3D Medical Image Segmentation


I haved developped a software for interactive visualisation and segmentation of 3D images. The software is based on VTK and Python. It uses a C\C++ library developed in the lab. for morphological and graph based segmentation. It also contains a full toolbox for graph based image segmenattion (shortest path forest, minimum spanning tree, graph cuts, etc.). This software can be distributed on demand for research purposes.

Interactive Image Editing


The tools I have developped for 3D images can also be used interactively for photo editing. The previous images show a software I have developped for fast image contouring. 

Interactive Surgery Simulation


I had worked for a few months at the Univesity of Aarhus (Denmark) for surgery simulation on patient specific models (Marie Curie fellowship). The CAVI has developped an interactive surgery simulation tool that can take into account patient specific morphology by using image segmentation. You can find more information on this project on this page.