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Fade/Dissolve detection

The detection of fades or dissolves is based once again on the establishment of a similarity criterion between two successive frames (a distance in a specific color space for example). The temporal evolution of the criterion leads to a 1D-signal which presents small hills at the dissolve positions. These hills are still extracted by morphological filtering, but this time it is applied hierarchically on the curves. One obtains therefore the following information : the beginning frame of the dissolve, its last frame and its duration.

To see an example of a dissolve detected by this technique,click here.

Criterion evolution curve

Sequence nantes (5hz) - CopyrightCMM/ENSMP.

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We present successively the key frames from the cut detection and the key frames from the dissolve detection. Let us underline the dissolve extration (shot #5) between frames #26 and #29 of the sequence.

Extracted key frames by cut detection for the sequence Nantes (5hz) - CopyrightCMM/ENSMP.

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Extracted key frames by dissolve detection for the sequence Nantes (5hz) - CopyrightCMM/ENSMP.

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