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Cut detection

We proceed to the cut detection locally between two successive frames. The criterion values (transition or not) are filtered in order to enhance the peak values, which caracterize the presence of a cut between two images. The criterion computation is done in real time, when one compares successive images at a frequency of 5Hz. This frequency value is sufficient to successfully detect the cuts.

For a more detailed summary of the method, click here. We present here after two examples of the criterion temporal evolution curve, after a filtering step. These two examples were obtained for two different sequences. These are of course the resulting curves of the morphological filtering, which is applied in order to enhance the peaks corresponding to transitions.

For demo display, click here.
The developped algorithm of cut detection needs only one threshold for the final peak extraction. Moreover, the same threshold value of 0.2 was chosen for all the proposed examples. This leads to the conclusion that our model is not very dependent on this parameter.

Evolution curves of the cut detection criterion

Sequence colère (40 secondes, 5hz) - CopyrightCMM/ENSMP.

Sequence 6 minutes (30 secondes, 6hz) - CopyrightCMM/ENSMP.

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Sequences with transition detection

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Each file contains, on the left, the evolution curve on which different colors are printed with time. Each color corresponds to one shot of the sequence. On the right, the original sequence is played, surrounded with bands of the color of the corresponding shot.

File "mov" (7.7Mo) File "avi" (7.8Mo) File "gif" (11Mo)
Sequence colère (40 secondes, 5hz) - CopyrightFR3/CMM/ENSMP.

File "mov" (9.5Mo) File "avi" (9.7Mo) File "gif" (11.4Mo)
Sequence travaux (50 secondes, 5hz) - CopyrightFR3/CMM/ENSMP.

File "mov" (7.3Mo) File "avi" (7.3Mo) File "gif" (9.7Mo)
Sequence kart race (30 secondes, 6hz) - CopyrightTF1/CMM/ENSMP.

File "mov" (7.4Mo) File "avi" (7.4Mo) File "gif" (10.1Mo)
Sequence 6 Minutes (30 secondes, 6hz) - CopyrightM6/CMM/ENSMP.
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