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T. Chabardès, P. Dokládal, M. Faessel, M. Bilodeau (2017): An affinity score for grains merging and touching grains separation.
The physical properties of granular materials on a macro-scopic scale derive from their microstructures. The segmentation of CT-images of this type of material is the first step towards simulation and modeling but it is not a trivial task. Non-spherical, elongated or non-convex objects fail to be separated with classical methods. Moreover, grains are commonly fragmented due to external conditions: aging, storage conditions, or even user-induced mechanical deformations. Grains are crushed into multiple fragments of different shape and volume; those fragments drift from one another in the...

R. Alais, P. Dokládal, E. Decencière, B. Figliuzzi (2017): Function Decomposition in Main and Lesser Peaks.
This article shows how the dynamics extinction value can be used to compute the decomposition of a function as a sum of simpler components. We show that this decomposition induces a hierarchical segmentation of the domain of definition, and a new partial ordering on nonnegative functions. Removing some of the components according to different criteria leads to new morphological operators. Their properties are discussed and illustrated in the last section. In particular, we see that thresholding on the supports' areas simplifies textured zones, while retaining perceptually salient elements of...

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