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Upcoming seminars

April 4, 2016 (Sara Di Giulio): Soutenance de la thèse de Master: Non-positive curvature geodesic space of trees and its interest in image processing problems
March 29, 2016 (Pauline Le Bouteiller): Intégration d'information provenant de la sismique dans la modélisation de processus sédimentaires
March 29, 2016 (Amin Fehri): Hiérarchies morphologiques et récentes applications en segmentation automatique
March 15, 2016 (Abderrahim El Moataz): EDPs Morphologiques sur Graphes
March 15, 2016 (Jesus Angulo): Semi-groupes et EDP morphologiques sur des espaces métriques (à longueur)

Latest publications

T. Chabard, P. Dokladal, M. Faessel, M. Bilodeau (2016): A parallel, O(1), algorithm for unbiased, thin watershed. ICIP 2016, Phoenix (United States).
B. Figliuzzi, D. Jeulin, M. Faessel, F. Willot, M. Koishi, N. Kowatari (2016): Modelling the microstructure and the viscoelastic behaviour of carbon black filled rubber materials from 3D simulations. Technische Mechanik 32(1-2) 22—46.
B. Abdallah, F. Willot, D. Jeulin (2016): Morphological modeling of three-phase microstructures of anode layers using SEM images. Journal of Microscopy.

Since its foundation in 1967, the CMM has contributed to the growth and dissemination of the theoretical and algorithmic corpus of mathematical morphology, making use of very broad fields of application, thereby providing a rich experimental terrain for the development of new concepts and tools. Its activities centre around collaboration with industry, research and teaching.

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